A newly opened French restaurant by Chef Paul Longworth, Restaurant Manager Jerome Desfonds and Au Petit Salut (The Salut Group) serving fine cuisine with personalized service.

After spending 3 years with Au Petit Salut , Paul, Jerome & Alice Low-Ang (Owner of The Salut Group) felt it time to step away from the group and set up their dream restaurant.

Situated on the charming Duxton Hill, Rhubarb Le Restaurant offers comfort & elegance whilst retaining all the best characteristics of this conservation shophouse.

In the intimate dining room with just 7 tables, guests are taken care of with special attention while watching the chefs in the open plan kitchen. With his young team, Chef Paul shares his contempory approach to French Gastronomy.

Strongly influenced by his origins, Jerome offers a wine list mainly based on french wines but you will find some surprises from old and new world.

In addition to the wine list, fine digestifs, In Colaboration with the Auld Alliance, a small selection of unique spirit.